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Board Chair: Pia Kelly
Board Treasurer: Peter Macdonald
Board Secretary: Ben Brown

Scott Elder
Rosamund Else-Mitchell
Jay Goldmark
Adam Liebowitz
Robyn McColl
Sophie McManus
Ben Wellington
Elke Zuern
Isabella Kosmacher (Staff Representative)

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What does it mean to serve on the High Meadow School Board of Trustees?

High Meadow School is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees which follows the protocols and guidance of the National Associations of Independent Schools (NAIS). The Board of Trustees holds the mission of High Meadow School in trust. It is charged with hiring the head of school and ensuring the school’s ongoing fiscal health and well-being. Along with the administration, the board sets and monitors the strategic direction of the school.


There are three standing committees created and run by the Board. All Board members serve on at least one committee and the majority of Board time is spent on committee work. Interested people may also consider joining a Board Committee before committing to joining the Board.

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