Independent and Progressive
Private School in the Hudson Valley
Age 2 through 8th Grade

Since 1984, High Meadow School has nurtured children's love of learning by engaging their intrinsic curiosity in nature, one another, play, and creative expression. We empower each child to be an independent thinker with a personal voice by providing opportunities to authentically and compassionately participate as a member of a diverse, democratic school community. 

Our alternative, progressive curriculum starts in our nursery school program
and continues through middle school.

Latest News + Events at High Meadow

New Circumstance, New Faces, New Traditions

September 5, 2020

Over the course of High Meadow’s 36-year history, numerous back-to-school traditions have evolved – some brought by past teachers, staff, and parents, some born out of specific groups of students and their interactions with the campus. We take pride in upholding these traditions and honoring our roots. While this year may look different, and some of … Read More

Our Teaching Staff for the 2020/21 School Year

August 11, 2020

This summer has required more planning and idea-juggling and outside-the-box thinking than any other school year preparation of my 40-year career. The fact that I am doing that work here at High Meadow, in the service of bringing this community back together, imbues the complex and sometimes painful work with immense value. Knowing the work … Read More