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Intermural Sports Return with Groundhogs Basketball

This year, Gordon Garrand, Physical Education and Afterschool Programming Coordinator, collaborated with students, families, and staff to revive High Meadow's intermural sports program, starting with basketball. The Groundhogs fielded two teams, a 4th and 5th grade "JV" and 6th-8th grade "Varsity."

A great deal of planning went into rebuilding something lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gordon worked to identify and coordinate with opponents, secure locations and referees, and arrange rides. He's grateful to each member of the community that stepped up, took action, volunteered, and played with heart to make this vision come to life!

Though it hasn't been a season with a lot of wins on the scoreboard (Varsity won against Upton Lake Christian School), every player has worked hard through nerves, improved their game, and supported their teammates regardless of the outcome. The joy on the court, on the sidelines, and in the stands has been palpable at every game.

"Participation in an athletic program does wonders for students as a whole," Gordon says. "It builds character and a sense of camaraderie. It brings the community closer, not only the students themselves but also their families and members of the faculty and staff. It allows the students to interact with one another in a less academic and more active atmosphere, where they get to explore and expand their own athletic abilities."

Special thanks go to our coaches, Chris Bottomley (Varsity) and Matt Wenzel (JV), and teachers Jack Milgram and Amy Park who stepped in when needed. Shout outs, as well, to parents Ovi Vargas, Brian Scott, Elle and Joe Satto, and Marlo Page for supporting our coaches and families. And finally, gratitude to the HMS administrative team for supporting the re-creation of this program.

There are two more games to go! Come out this Sunday, March 3rd to see JV at 10am and Varsity at 11:30am at Kaplan Center Gym, 330 Powell Avenue in Newburgh.


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