Welcoming New Students and Families

We understand how overwhelming it can be to join a new school community, and have therefore created rituals and guideposts that help new students and families acclimate to High Meadow School.

The first few weeks of school marks a critical time for laying the foundation of a supportive classroom community, a key factor that affects positive learning and social-emotional outcomes for children. Over the course of September, students and teachers at High Meadow participate in activities to build healthy learning environments that celebrate each child's unique identity within the community and emphasize the feelings of safety, belonging, and fun for all.

Classrooms write their own agreements to live by for the school year, an important part of a democratic classroom. In addition to community building, routines are set, tools and learning spaces explored, and students begin to engage in the process of inquiry through discussion and play. By October, children will begin to dive deeper into academic content introduced in September while continuing to construct supportive communities.