Welcoming New Students and Families

We understand how overwhelming it can be to join a new school community, and have therefore created rituals and guideposts that help new students and families acclimate to High Meadow School.
Summer Mailing

New families receive a comprehensive mid-summer mailing from High Meadow, which includes important announcements and dates to keep in mind. It also outlines school policies, and includes handy links to our website.

New Families Brunch

This informational pot luck brunch, sponsored by the PTO, is also a meet and greet for new families and the faculty. It's a nice opportunity for children to meet their teachers, visit their classrooms, and begin to make new friends! The New Families Brunch takes place right before the first day of school.

Curriculum Night

New and returning families gather together to receive school news and information, meet the staff and receive curricula for their children’s class for the academic year.

Ice Breaker Games

These are played in the first few weeks of school, in order to ease social tensions and allow new students to be welcomed in ways designed to put them at ease.

Letter from Teacher and Class Parent

New families are introduced and welcomed to the class in August via a letter from their child's teacher. They also receive a letter from their class parent, welcoming them to the community and offering transitional support.

Class Parent Outreach

The Chair of High Meadow’s PTO circulates new family information to the Class Parents, who contact new families to help them settle in. Class parents are resources for information about events and activities.

The Apple Gathering

During an early whole school gatherings, new staff and students are introduced to the community by mentioning their name and offering them an apple for nourishment and well-being. The school sings a song of friendship dedicated to the new students and staff.

Class Ambassadors

Teachers may select ambassadors from their classes who help new students as they go through their day.