Monday, October 5th, was World Teachers Day! We are immensely grateful to all the students and families who so thoughtfully shared their love and appreciation for our incredible teaching staff.

Teachers Are Learners, Too

Over the past two weeks, our teachers have engaged in three separate professional development days. Here is a snapshot of their purpose and outcomes:

Oct. 1st – We continued to develop our skills in a variety of online teaching tools and tech, which included enacting simulations of the hybrid learning format. We identified a number of necessary changes, which we have been putting into practice over the past two weeks.

Oct. 7th – We met again with Anti-Racism Consultant Amy White (Judah, 3rd), this time with a focus on Cultural Competencies. We explored examples of lessons that move beyond simply including multicultural content and studying individual contributions, and instead support children in viewing concepts and events from multiple ethnic, religious, and cultural perspectives. We ended the day by looking at our own K-8 curriculum to prepare for our next PD day.

Oct. 12th – We met again with educator and librarian Jennifer Quinn-Carl (Karhula, 4th) to bridge our work on Cultural Competencies and also bring in our prior work with inquiry-based lesson design. Each teacher or teaching team began the work of developing or redesigning a specific unit of study with the goal of applying the transformative approach, and eventually moving towards the social action approach to teaching about race and culture.