As we head off to celebrate A Day of Gratitude, we want to recognize that we have so much to be thankful for in this community!

Gratitude for Generosity
Robert Kodsi (dad to Jacob in Nursery 2s, David in PreK, and Julia in 1st Grade) has generously donated 300 KN-95 Masks for our staff. We thank Robert as a health care professional working on the frontlines in the fight to control this Pandemic, and as a community member looking out for the safety of our teachers!

Helen’s Hope Foundation has generously agreed to donate $100,000 ($50,000 scholarship & $50,000 antiracism and diversity works) to establish an Antiracism & Diversity Fund at HMS. These funds will provide antiracism and diversity workings at the school (speaker series, resources for teachers to develop appropriate curriculum, future programming for staff, students & families, etc) and will also be used for scholarships (full or partial) for BIPOC students who are financially in need and would otherwise be unable to afford High Meadow tuition. We thank Hollie Saborido (Helen’s Hope board member and mom to Hudson in 3rd and Brianna in 5th) for bringing High Meadow and our mission to the attention of this inspirational organization, and for helping to make this dream a reality!

If you’d like a quick reference for travel and quarantine guidelines, we’ve made a PDF of HMS COVID-19 Travel Guidance that you can print or save offline.