The importance of taking time to honor the elements and the gifts of the natural world has always been central to the High Meadow way.

Celebrating the return of the light feels particularly poignant right now, as we move into the coming year and prepare to find more light in our world.

We were so fortunate to be able to celebrate the solstice on campus on Friday, with Cohort B 4th – 7th graders, and again on Monday with the rest of the students. It was moving, particularly in this difficult year, to not only continue this tradition but to welcome our new students into the warmth of the fire and the joy of this community experience.

As we send everyone off to enjoy their own celebrations, we want to share a video of our PreK and Kindergarten students celebrating the longest night of the year with wishes for the future and – as always – music! Over the break, we will be sharing more photos and video featuring more classes enjoying time together around the solstice fire.

With Eternal Gratitude,
Dr. Susan Paynter, Head of School