At High Meadow, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between social-emotional development and academic growth.
High Meadow teachers prioritize student well-being as a means to support authentic engagement with academic work. In collaboration with each other and every child, teachers foster classroom communities where every child is excited to learn.
Our teachers are guides and fellow researchers in their classes, designing student-centered plans and projects that honor their young people’s innate curiosity and creativity.
Small class sizes, along with a campus-wide commitment to the Positive Discipline method of classroom management, support teachers in maintaining a school culture of respect and belonging. 
Teachers at all grade levels engage in significant professional development activities, and have access to daily support from administrators and support staff.

Janine Louis

Toddler Program Lead Teacher

Krisha Stoever

Toddler Program Assistant Teacher

Kathy Flannery

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Hannah Murray

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Hanna Giles

1st Grade Lead Teacher

Reta Sorge

1st Grade Assistant Teacher

Amanda Mackler

2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Bridget Corso

3rd Grade Lead Teacher

James Zoutis

3rd Grade Intern and Music Elective Teacher

Ann Marie Callan

4th Grade Lead Teacher

Cici Ferrara

4th Grade Assistant Teacher

Marissa Ender

5th Grade Homeroom Teacher and 5th Grade
Science and Math Co-Teacher

Allyson Uzzle

6th Grade Homeroom and 5th and 6th Grade
Humanities & Drama

Hollie Paynter

Intern, 5th and 6th Grade Humanities

Ashlee Fazio

7th Grade Homeroom Teacher and
6th-8th Grade Math

Rachel Van Carpels

Upper School Lead Teacher, 7th and 8th Grade Humanities and Drama, and High School Transition Coordinator

Kimberly Carmody

Art Teacher

Gian Ascione

6th-8th Grade Science Teacher

Roberto Rodriguez

1st-8th Grade Spanish Language and
Adjunct Music Teacher

Victor Lissabet

Music Coordinator/Teacher
PreK/K Spanish

Ralph Schroer

Adjunct Music Teacher


Ken McGloin

Adjunct Music Teacher

Sean Whalen

Physical Education

James Burdick