High Meadow School is a unique learning community for children in nursery through 8th grade, dedicated to fostering social and environmental responsibility, collaboration, creativity, confidence, and connection-making, where adults and children share a sense of belonging based on mutual respect and open communication.

Early Childhood

Rachel Roozen
Nursery, 3s Lead Teacher

Reta Sorge
Early Childhood Floating Assistant Teacher

Janine Louis
Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Molly Parker-Myers
Nursery, 3s Intern Teacher

Krisha Stoever
Kindergarten Intern Teacher

Stacey Wenzel
Pre-K Lead Teacher

Lexi Kandeel
PreK Assistant

Lower School

Bella Kosmacher
1st Grade Lead Teacher

Olivia Harris
Second Grade Lead Teacher

Jamie Leidner
3/4 Intern Teacher

Hollie Paynter
1/2 Intern Teacher

Annmarie Leahy
3rd Grade Lead Teacher

Cici Ferrara
4th Grade Lead Teacher

Upper School

Jack Milgram
5th/6th Math

Clay Drinko
7th/8th Humanities

Jazmine Langlitz
7th/8th Math

Peter Myers
5th/6th Science

Special Subjects & Electives

Victor Lissabet
Music Program Coordinator & Teacher

Allyson Uzzle
Drama Teacher

Ann Sullivan
Dance Teacher

Kimberly Carmody
Art Teacher

Student Support Services

Ginger Long
Mandated SETTS Provider