This summer has required more planning and idea-juggling and outside-the-box thinking than any other school year preparation of my 40-year career. The fact that I am doing that work here at High Meadow, in the service of bringing this community back together, imbues the complex and sometimes painful work with immense value. Knowing the work is in the service of seeing these children back on campus safely, seeing our families a little more at peace with the state of the world when they witness the joy on their children’s faces, seeing our teachers doing the magical work of bringing learning to life…this end-goal makes it all worthwhile.

In equipping ourselves to successfully delve into a model of education we’ve never explored until now, we have added to our faculty of amazing teachers. Some of them live locally and have known about High Meadow for years and jumped at the chance to join our community; some of them were working thousands of miles away, and after hearing about our little school knew it was exactly where they and their families needed to be. Visit the Teachers page of our website to see the smiling faces of all our incredible teachers (new and veteran).

Please join me in welcoming the new HMS community members into our midst, and in celebrating all of our educators, as they spend the next month training, organizing, planning, and laying the groundwork in preparation for the new school year ahead of us!

With gratitude,
Dr. Susan Paynter, Head of School