8th grade is typically a year defined by traditions developed over the years, each one anticipated with excitement a sense of “we made it!”. This year, many of those traditions are either missing completely or have to be adapted to align with COVID protocols. Back in January, several of our 8th-grade students, realizing that the annual upper school ice skating trip was unlikely to happen, took it upon themselves to research and write a proposal for an 8th-grade ski trip. This included communicating with Susan and the Health office, surveying the class and the parents, calling Belleayr to understand the specific protocols that were in place, pricing out all the aspects of the trip, carefully arranging transportation for each child, calculating the cost per-student, and communicating all of this to the 8th-grade families. This whole process, and the trip that came to fruition, epitomizes student Voice & Choice, and reflects the incredible creativity and resilience of our students. Not to mention, it looks like a whole lot of fun!