Our Mission is…

To nurture each child's love of learning by engaging their intrinsic curiosity in nature, one another, play, and creative expression.   To empower each child to be an independent thinker who has a personal voice by providing opportunities to authentically and compassionately participate as a member of a diverse, democratic community. 

As a Community We Believe…

  • That providing our students access to  a diverse array of perspectives and points of view is a crucial part of a whole education
  • Education should prepare students to participate actively in a free, diverse and democratic society
  • Teachers are the guides and researchers in their classrooms and are in collaboration with each other and the child to find the best way for that child to learn
  • Education should have the learner at the center of the classroom experience
  • Children flourish when they are allowed to explore nature, the outdoors and their relationships within their community in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Play is an essential part of learning for children of all ages
  • Learning should be differentiated by meeting children where they are and taking them as far as they can go
  • Each child should be known
  • Learning through inquiry allows children to “be” scientists, historians, artists, who produce ideas rather than simply consuming content
  • Service is an essential part of being a member of a community
  • Children thrive when they can choose to learn about ideas that  fascinate them
  • Social/emotional development occurs when children are given opportunities within their communities  to identify problems and collectively design their own solutions