Language Arts in Kindergarten

There are many components to the Kindergarten writing program. As we look at each child as an individual our programming needs to reach every child where they are. The core of our program is based on a multi-sensory program, Language Enrichment. The children experience the introduction to letters and sounds in a variety of tactile forms prior to writing instruction.

We use Big Strokes for Little Folks, a writing program that focuses on the sensorimotor components of the writing process, such as; perceptual processing (kinesthetic, right -to-left discrimination, position in space, and visual-spatial relations), and motor (crosses mid line, fine motor coordination and dexterity, visual-motor integration and hand dominance).

We also launched the Writer’s Workshop program by Lucy Caulkins, and now the Kindergartners have become authors! They have excitedly jumped right into the program. The children are learning about how authors write books. We are figuring out how to put our ideas on paper, which they have many! For our first lesson, the children had to draw a picture of the classroom. They then labeled the pictures, using the strategy of stretching out the words to spell them, or by writing the first letter of the word.
Revision and editing are core components of Writer’s Workshop. Together we chant, “When We Are Done, We Have Only Just Begun.” The children are being taught to work with partners–planning together, sharing drafts, giving encouragement.

We have introduced Sounds in Motion. This approach, which pairs kinesthetic gross motor movement with phonemes, also addresses improvement of speech and oral language skills, and helps children develop the ability to become actively involved in the task of listening. We have been working on Whole Body Listening. Ask your children about it!
We use our whole body to listen:
Ears – Help us hear sound
Eyes – Watch the speakers face for information
Brain – Think about the message
Mouth – Don’t talk while someone is speaking
Hands & Feet – Try to keep them still while listening
Back – Sit up straight and get ready to listen