The Jesse Kolber Music Center will be a place where students can learn, compose, perform, record, and enjoy diverse forms of music. Offerings will include a comprehensive music therapy program. The music center will also serve as a cultural center for the surrounding community, and importantly, provide a recurring revenue source for the school—through renting rehearsal, recording, and instruction space, and hosting community workshops.  All donations to High Meadow School, a 501c3, are tax deductible.

About the Center

  • The center will be two stories, 3,128 square feet, built where a 590-square- feet converted barn currently houses music instruction at the school.
  • The increased area enables the school to expand its music-related offerings to include three practice rooms, a large rehearsal space, an ensemble practice room, and a music composition and production studio for High Meadow students and the surrounding community.
  • The production studio will be the only Hudson Valley facility offering children and young adults the opportunity to create and produce original music.
  • Movie sound tracks and sound effects will be produced in the production studio and will accompany visuals on a large movie screen.
  • A music therapy program will be made available for children and adults in the surrounding community on weekends, summers, and after school.
  • A drum rehearsal space will provide space for several drum sets.
  • Practice rooms will make it possible for several local music teachers to offer classes simultaneously.

We estimate the total cost of the facility to be $350,000.

About Jesse

“Jesse lived his life in music with passion, in truth, and in complete bravery, which is what being an artist is all about. He would sing a new song, looking you straight in the eye, with the conviction to move you and to share his authentic feelings—or to take on a human experience. He wanted nothing more than to commune and give. He loved authenticity, he loved sound—how things moved the hairs on his eardrums. He loved stories, and how sound and lyrics could create a multi-dimensional experience for a listener. He loved creating and producing a show and would put his ideas and resources out there unabashedly to make it special. He was a connoisseur of American popular music, from Ray Charles to Dylan to Biggie Smalls. He loved vocal originality, phrasing, and storytelling. Jesse loved seeing talent and championing it. He had no hidden agenda—only to share love and vibration. Jesse had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known, and that’s the truth.”
—Andy Stack, Lead Musician of the Hudson Valley Americana Ensemble Buffalo Stack