Each year, High Meadow undergoes an audit of our energy efficiency as part of efforts by The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to “assist New York schools in controlling their energy costs and to help protect our environment by reducing statewide energy consumption”. Our annual audit report was just completed, and this year we scored in the 95th percentile of schools nationally!

From the report:

“The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has sponsored this Operational Assessment report of High Meadow School. This report provides you with information about your facility’s energy use, identifies operational and maintenance energy conservation measures (ECMs) that can reduce your energy use, and provides information and assistance to help make changes in your facility.

High Meadow School Energy Star Benchmarking score – 93.0

Congratulations, your building performs better than the national average. This report has suggestions about how to keep your building running efficiently, further improve performance and lower your energy bills even more”

Also, our first three months of Solar generation solar farm credits have been credited to our Central Hudson bills.  This provides us with green electricity which is used for our air exchangers and heat pumps (providing heat and cooling) as well as our lighting.
Not only is this excellent news for our energy costs and fiscal sustainability of our school, it also reflects our mission and the core tenents of our school community. It is a testament to the work that we have collaboratively committed ourselves to throughout the past 37 years. Our students’ voices and direct involvement in the environmental movement have moved us forward. This is evidenced by student leadership in the annual EcoChallenge, multiple 8th-grade Capstone projects focused on climate change and environmental issues, and individual students advocating for school policy that supports a sustainable and Earth-friendly existence.