I can’t thank our community enough – and that means you – for all you’ve done to make our transition to remote learning as smooth as it’s been. The way you have managed this shift in your children’s learning while also adjusting to the ramifications of a global pandemic has been heroic!

We know that technology and scheduling challenges are ongoing; our resilient staff are adapting and improving their processes each step of the way. Still, along with the understandable glitches, there has been joy, laughter, learning, and connection happening in our virtual classrooms at a moment of uncertainty and change, and for this, I am deeply grateful. 

In accordance with a NY State mandate, High Meadow will continue remote learning through the end of our planned Spring Break, with the earliest possibility of a return to in-person class on Monday, April 13th. All decisions about when to return to campus will be made in conjunction with local and state authorities as the impact of COVID-19 unfolds.

For the time being, I want to recognize our teachers, who are creating, in a matter of days, the sort of program that usually takes years to build. Moving from a hands-on and outdoor-rich learning environment to a technology-based platform has been a challenge, and I especially want to thank James Zoutis (3rd), Marissa Ender (6th), and Rochelle Victor (Manager of Student Information Systems) who have gone above and beyond to share their technological skills and knowledge with their colleagues, providing vital support to all of us.

I’m also taking solace in the surprising opportunities provided by our changed routines. Fifth graders enjoyed introducing their pets to one another. Pre-K students are creating binoculars and hunting for spring in their yards. Parents are able to experience our talented teachers first hand. Please be well, and keep sharing your stories and photos with us!

Our tight-knit and generous community has always found ways to go beyond themselves and support one another, and this time is no exception. Just one example for now: a third grade parent has offered Indian cooking lessons and shoemaking tutorials for her son’s classmates. Thank you one and all, and please continue sharing the many ways our community is rising to the occasion.

With gratitude,
Dr. Susan Paynter, Head of School