An Update from Head of School, Dr. Susan Paynter

Our HMS high school alumni are thriving and are leading the way in academics, school governance, and the arts. This year, in the Roundout Valley School District (where half of our students are registered), an HMS alum is the 9th-grade class president, and two of our alumni are slated to be salutatorians or valedictorians of the 11th and 12th grades.

HMS alums are currently on the high honor roll in the Roundout Valley, Kingston, New Paltz, and Red Hook Districts, while others are having success in independent high schools, alternative schools, boarding schools, and community college programs.

Next month, three HMS alumni will play prominent roles in Roundout’s production of My Favorite Year.

It is moving to see the impact our students make in the wider world and reminds me again of the power of our work supporting young people in becoming their authentic selves.