Tomorrow is Election Day nationally as well as here on campus. Even the youngest of our kiddos are so excited about using their voice to make an impact right here at school – and the best part is that Spirit Day will be a hoot no matter which theme ends up winning!

Elsewhere on campus, in Kimberly’s Underground & Political Art, upper school students have been working on pieces focused on encouraging the community to vote – whether in the HMS Spirit Day election or in the local, state, and federal elections. Get Out The Vote!

Many of you have likely already voted through either mail-in voting or early voting, but we want to send one more reminder to the whole community about the importance of exercising this civil right that we all share. These are rights that our ancestors fought for – whether it be on battlefields in the 1770s, or on streets and from jail cells for centuries after the founding of our nation. The work of our forebears has created and expanded the reach of democracy and equality in this country, and voting is one way to show our gratitude!