Each family takes a unique path to High Meadow, creating a dynamic, diverse school community drawn together by the progressive mission of our independent school.
To support participation in the school community, enrolled families have access to online resources through our Parent Portal, and are invited to participate in a range of informal and formal in-person activities, such as:
  • Back To School Curriculum Night: An opportunity to review your child(ren)’s curriculum and meet their teachers.
  • High Meadow Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO): Organizes fundraising and community building activities throughout the school year.
  • Community Gatherings and Events: Families come together outside of school hours for themed conversations and special events, such as the annual Bright Ideas Festival.
  • Classroom Project Presentations: Teachers regularly invite family members to take part in classroom activities and culminations.
  • Field Trips: Explore the wonders of the Hudson Valley and beyond.
  • Performances: Plays, concerts, and the annual Variety Show.
  • Fireside Fridays and All-School Gathering: A weekly opportunity to gather by the fire, concluding with an all-school assembly.
  • Classroom Birthday Celebrations: Birthday rituals help demonstrate our appreciation for each community member.
  • Community Service: Our culture of service sparks family connections across grade levels.
  • Open Board Meetings: Families have regular opportunities to participate in school governance.
High Meadow also encourages families to spend time together outside of school, with those who are well-established in the area helping to weave new families into our larger community, the extraordinary Mid-Hudson Valley.