This month, three researchers from the Innovation Platform for Children’s Foreign Language Education at Chongqing University of Education in China visited High Meadow to observe our early childhood classrooms, part of a dual degree program with SUNY New Paltz.

The visit was organized by HMS alum Aiko Pletch, who attended in the early years of the school and now works as Academic Coordinator in the SUNY New Paltz Center for International Programs.  

The group of educators, all of whom have degrees in English language or literature, focused during their stay on broadening their own research into children’s development of thinking skills through language learning.

Hosted by Head of School, Dr. Susan Paynter, the group spent time in the toddler through 2nd grade classrooms. “I wanted them to see how the children are problem solvers, both social-emotionally and academically,” Susan says. “They’re getting a cross-section of the ways that we do that, starting at two years old.” 

In addition to what they saw in the classroom, the visitors noted they were impressed with the fact that Susan knows all of our students, not something common in their experience.

It was a fruitful exchange for everyone. We’re grateful to Aiko for arranging it, and look forward to continuing our relationship with the Center for International Programs.