The arts -- Drama, Visual Arts, Music, and Dance -- are woven throughout the High Meadow curriculum, with students of all ages taking part in artistic inquiry every day.
Study of the arts has countless benefits across developmental stages, promoting observation skills, self-expression and individual choice, self-discipline and goal-setting, historical and literary understanding, empathy and connection-making, physical coordination, and technological skills. 
In early childhood and elementary grades, study of the arts is integrated with the classroom community, as well as dedicated art classes taught by experts in visual and performing arts.
In the 5th-8th grades, students participate in our Electives Program, choosing focused classes in areas they would like to study in more depth, as the arts continue to be a source of cross-grade friendships and community building.


Formal dramatic education at High Meadow begins in 5th grade. Over the course of their time in the Upper School, students learn stage terminology, acting and vocal technique, choreography, and the fundamentals of ensemble theater, as well as exploring set and prop design and construction, technology, and stage management.
Teachers and students collaborate to produce theater that engages and highlights all performers, ensuring their work can be enjoyed and understood by all of our community members, young and old.

Visual Arts

Students are exposed to a variety of artists and art forms, considering cultural and historical context, artistic processes and media, and the larger significance of artistic inquiry. 
Students learn printmaking, charcoal and pastel drawing, collage, painting, sculpture, still-life, figure drawing, and pottery techniques.


In the nursery through 1st grades, General Music engages students with a variety of rhythmic and melodic instruments from around the world. Students learn music history and basic theory, writing and performing songs of different genres and cultures.
Instrumental instruction begins in 2nd grade and continues through 8th grade, as follows:
2nd grade: Violin
3rd grade: Ukelele and Guitar
4th grade: Wind Instruments
5th - 8th grade: Elective choices in Voice, Percussion, Wind, Strings, and Keyboard.


Students in Pre-K through 8th grades receive training in movement and dance technique: a hybrid of ballet, jazz and modern dance forms. Students work on coordination, rhythm, body control, and left-right orientation, as well as developing concentration, persistence, and listening skills through repetition and practice of movement combinations.

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