Study of the arts helps our students gain self-discipline, technique, modes for self-expression, presentation skills and a broader understanding of historical periods, literature and technology. In addition, through our Arts-In-Education Programs, students explore inquiries across the academic curriculum through artistic endeavors.  Music is at the heart of our community events, as well as at our weekly school “Gathering."

From the Early Education Program for toddlers through 4th grade, students study the arts within their grade. In the upper school, students begin making choices among arts electives that place them in classes with students from across the 5th through 8th grades. Thus, the Arts become a focal-point of community-building, forging friendships and alliances among students from different grades.

The Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama Programs at High Meadow School are taught by accomplished artists in their respective fields who are also excellent and committed teachers. The primary goals of our arts programming are for each student to attain:

  • an appreciation for the discipline behind the work, and experience with the creative process.
  • a personal aesthetic that they will incorporate into their own work and world view.
  • the language to express their personal aesthetic.
  • an ability to communicate through the creative process and an appreciation of the diversity of styles among artists.
  • experiences with a wide variety of forms, materials and media within each discipline and an appreciation for these forms.
  • an open mind that allows them to suspend judgment and look more deeply into the unfamiliar, unexpected or out of the norm.
  • patience, trust, self-awareness, tenacity and joy in creating.

Visual Arts

The ongoing goal of the Visual Arts Program at High Meadow School is to enrich the lives of our children and make art an integral part of their learning process. Students are exposed to the art forms of various cultures and artists, and a broad array of artistic processes and media. Students learn printmaking, charcoal and pastel drawing, collage, painting, sculpture, still-life and figure drawing and pottery.

In the Upper School, students in the 6th through 8th grades choose among a number of arts electives, giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves in a particular medium or art form.


Lower School

In the nursery through first grades, General Music engages students with a variety of rhythmic and melodic instruments from around the world and here at home. Students learn music history and basic theory to write and perform songs of different genre and cultures.

In Choral and Instrumental Music, students in third and fourth grades learn about the components of music: tone, pitch, harmony, melody and rhythm. Students are exposed to a variety of music through listening and singing at grade level,

Upper School

High Meadow School requires students in the upper school (5th through 8th) to choose a musical concentration in either guitar, voice, or percussion and instrumental ensemble(PIE). Students are taught in small groups and as an ensemble to cultivate technique in the instrument area, collaborative skills, acquisition of theory, songwriting and an ear for and love of music.


Students in Nursery through 8th grades receive training in movement and Horton technique: a hybrid of ballet, jazz and modern dance forms. Students work on coordination, rhythm, body control and left-right orientation and develop concentration, persistence and listening skills through repetition and practice of movement combinations.


Over the course of their upper school dramatic education, young actors are exposed to stage terminology, acting technique, choreography, vocal instruction, and the core foundations of ensemble theater. We also offer opportunities for students to become involved in the crew side of the production (set & prop design and construction).

Ally and Rachel support actors as they identify specific aspects of acting for the stage that will bring their characters to life, and then bridge those skills into interpreting assigned characters and staging scenes for the chosen play. Teachers and student collaborate to produce a piece of theater that engages and highlights all performers. A large component of the HMS drama program is producing plays that can be enjoyed and understood by all of our community members, both young and old.

In 5th and 6th grade, Ally works with students to adapt a piece of literature or a collection of historical texts and create a script...

In 7th and 8th grade, Rachel works with students to select an iconic musical from stage or screen that can provide as many opportunities as possible for those students who wish to take center stage.

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