The Spanish program at High Meadow is reflective of the school’s independent, creative and intellectual focus. We encourage, through relevant curriculum and artistic and creative endeavors, community wide appreciation of Spanish language and the people who speak it. We strive to provide an engaging and relevant curriculum that prepares children for the world yet to come, a world increasingly diverse, democratic, and Spanish-speaking.

Through direct instruction, literature, research, and project-based learning, students are made aware of the cultural differences between Spanish speakers and English speakers, in traditions, self-expression, and etiquette of communication.  Students also explore the arts, history, and geo-political configurations of the diverse Spanish speaking nations around the globe.  Through songs, games and naming of the observable world our youngest students develop an ear and positive attitude towards the learning of a second language,  As students progress through the middle and upper grades, they begin the more technical and cultural aspects of second language learning learning parts of speech, verb tense and number, and the elements of conversation.

Our goals are for our graduating eighth graders to:

  • be able to express their opinions, thoughts, feelings, and ideas with reasonable, age appropriate ease in the target language.
  • be able to identify the history and geographical realm of Spanish speakers.
  • possess an awareness of Spanish culture and its impact on and relevance to the rest of the world, but particularly in the United States.

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