Students at High Meadow are researchers, historians, anthropologists, and sociologists.
Teachers engage students’ innate curiosity, developing their ability to make connections across time and place and to create original meaning from diverse information. 
Our student-centered program explores universal themes of human societies: Interdependence, Independence, Scarcity, Community, Conflict, Change, and Culture
Students draw on primary and secondary sources; an inquiry approach encourages investigations of diverse perspectives and analysis of information accuracy.
Our approach guides students as they ask big questions, not only about course content, but also about what it means to be an ethically responsible individual and a member of a local and global community. 
Social Studies Themes by Grade
Kindergarten Self, My Family and Others
Grade 1 My Family & Other Families, Now and Long Ago 
Grade 2 My Community and Other United States Communities 
Grade 3 Colonization & Early American History
Grade 4 Government & Civilization 
Grade 5 Ancient Civilizations
Grade 6 European History 
Grade 7 Human Migration & Progress
Grade 8 Power & Conflict

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