Inspired by the researched-backed Next Generation Science Standards, our Science Curriculum takes an integrated approach to exploring the four domains of science: physical science, life science, earth and space science, and engineering. 
From the earliest grades, our students ARE scientists, not only learning scientific concepts, but also developing the habits of mind of the scientific method, and practicing the skills of real-world experimentation both inside and outside of the classroom.
Students develop a coherent, scientifically-based view of the world around them, as well as an appreciation for the complexity of nature, and the work of both amateur and professional scientists.
In the 8th Grade, students are supported in preparation for the New York State Regents Living Environment exam, and encouraged to participate.
Science Themes by Grade
Kindergarten Seasons and the Concept of Change
Grade 1 Food Cycle, Light and Sound, Animal Communities
Grade 2 Plant Life Cycle, Simple Machines, Force and Motion
Grade 3 Evolution, Water, Riparian Ecosystems
Grade 4 Dynamic Earth, Waves, Electricity/Magnetism
Grade 5 Weather, Matter, Ecology
Grade 6 Human Biology and Body Systems
Grade 7 Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry
Grade 8 Living Environment

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