At High Meadow, we approach math with a sense of wonder. 
In the early years, through play and discovery, students take up simple counting and one-to-one correspondence activities. Teachers use graphing, number lines, and daily calendar activities to develop concepts of basic numeracy.
Beginning in Kindergarten, our math curriculum is centered on the Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP), developed to foster a deeper understanding of number concepts and broader mathematical thinking. 
The program “spirals” through topics such as number theory, geometry, measurement, and logic, returning to subjects regularly as students become prepared to move into them more deeply. 
By 5th grade, students are becoming masters of CSMP’s mathematical tools, such as minicomputers and arrow roads, and use them to push further into concepts of geometry, probability, and complex numbers. 
The 6th grade curriculum combines the Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP) with the New York State Common Core standards, which allows students a chance to transition from CSMP’s spiral curriculum. 
The 7th and 8th grade project-based curriculum is aligned with the New York State Common Core standards. Students develop problem solving skills and resourcefulness through open-ended inquiry, and projects that both build on existing knowledge and integrate new information. 
8th grade students are supported in preparing for the New York State Regents exam in Algebra 1. Satisfactory performance allows them to enroll in 10th grade math upon entering high school.

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