Critical thinking, reading comprehension, inference-making, written expression -- these are skills vital to learning across all subjects. That’s one reason we integrate the language arts -- reading, writing, speaking, and listening -- into all areas of our curriculum. 
At High Meadow, all students are invited into a campus-wide culture of literacy, which includes regular classroom and school-wide appreciation of literary work, both for its beauty and for its power to transform.
Supported by Columbia University Teachers’ College, all High Meadow teachers are trained in the Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop approaches to literacy instruction.
These approaches facilitate differentiated learning, emphasizing student choice in both storytelling and literary interpretation. Teachers encourage students to experiment and play with language, and to take risks as they develop their comprehension and analytical skills. 
Beginning in preschool, High Meadow students have opportunities for public speaking, including poetry recitation, research presentations, skits and puppet theatre, and ultimately, full-scale dramatic performances.  
Taking part in school-wide literary discourse helps prepare students for both ongoing academic work, and also democratic participation in their larger communities.

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