Our Upper School Elective Program provides opportunities for students in grades 5-8 to immerse themselves in areas of interest not typically covered in a standard curriculum.
Providing choice along our students’ educational paths helps to prepare them to be decision-makers in their lives and communities. It promotes “21st-century skills” such as independent thinking and connection making, and allows students space and time to identify what they’re truly passionate about. At High Meadow, we want our students to know and pursue what fascinates and intrigues them. This means both exposing children to as many ideas and methods of inquiry as we can – archaeology, architecture, scientific illustration – as well as offering opportunities to dive deep.
Elective teachers include experts in their fields, as well as staff members who have a passion for a particular topic.
Students choose from a wide range of elective options that incorporate visual arts, writing, STEM skills, vocal and instrumental skill development, dance, dramatic arts, and more.

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