Our celebration on Thursday was a beautiful reminder of the connection that exists among all the individuals in our community, and the connection that exists between our community and the Earth that nurtures us. Each grade group participated in several activities, braving the chill to show love and gratitude for our planet.

We walked the Nature Trail, collecting non-living items to add to a Community Mandala in the front garden. As each class completed their section of the mandala, Carrie brought students into a mindful meditation in appreciation of the earth.

Students in each class helped prepare our garden beds to flourish, sowing seeds and planting seedlings!

Classroom teachers integrated Earth Day-themed activities with their students throughout the day. Some classes wrote nature-focused haiku poems, while others learned about the Cuyahoga River Fire and the creation of the EPA! Each class was also invited to browse the Book Swap under the Tent. Did your little one bring home a new story to read?

One of the most exciting parts of the day was seeing the Kindergarteners present their Underwater Sea Creature Parade! They have been studying the ocean all winter long and this is a culminating celebration of their learning!