This week, teachers and administrators convened for a conversation focused on equity and inclusion at High Meadow. New HMS art teacher, Kimberly Carmody, facilitated the session, an extension of her work at Berkeley Carroll school in Brooklyn.

Staff members were invited to consider their own varied “indentities”, including aspects of self related to gender, sexuality, race, disability, and religion, among others, and to think about the ways in which these identities come into being, whether through our own choosing, or because they are placed upon us.

In closing, we considered what we are already doing well at High Meadow to create an inclusive, equitable community, and what we aim to do moving forward across our work with each other, students, and families.

“High Meadow is already a community in which each individual is known,” Kimberly reflected after the session. “Deepening this commitment by setting the explicit intention to treat all members of High Meadow equitably will help create a warm and respectful environment that honors people’s differences and invites everyone to bring all of who they are into the classroom, onto the playground, to aftercare, board meetings, and festivals.”