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Afterschool Classes

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Afterschool classes are open to all children, including children from other schools and the homeschool community.

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The Winter 2023 session runs from January through Spring Break in April. All Afterschool classes include a snack. The last day to register is January 2, 2023.

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For HMS families, play-based Aftercare for N-8th Grade is also available from 3-5PM.

Please reach out to Kimberly Carmody, Arts Coordinator, with any questions.



Please complete individual registration for each student. Families can choose to pay in full at the time of registration; a monthly payment option is also available. Only families receiving financial aid for tuition are eligible for a reduced rate.

Adding on Aftercare

Most Afterschool classes run from 3-4PM. For families who need additional coverage, play-based Aftercare is available until 5PM. You can reserve a space for your child on the days you need coverage. Charges for Aftercare will continue to be billed monthly via FACTS based on actual student attendance. 

Changes and Cancellations

If you decide to cancel or change enrollment after the first class meeting, you will be eligible for a full refund and no fees will be charged. If you decide to cancel or change enrollment after the second class meeting or later, refunds are prorated and there is a $50 administrative charge. 

Pick Up

​Dance students can be picked up at the side porch of the main building. For all other classes, pick up students in the PAC.


Select each class to learn more.


Painting and Drawing | K-1st Grade | 3-4PM

In this interdisciplinary painting program led by local artist Laura Leigh, students will be able to explore a variety of drawing and painting mediums - even making some of their own watercolor paints from local plants and minerals. Projects will include animal drawing, landscape painting, abstract painting, zentangles, and more fun painting activities! This is a great chance for young artists to not only delve deep into painting techniques, but create artwork that resonates personally with their interests and talents. Laura will work with each student individually to foster their unique creativity.


Teacher: Laura Lanchantin

Session Fee: $300 (11 classes)

Dates: 1/9/23, 1/23/23, 1/30/23, 2/6/23, 2/13/23, 2/27/23, 3/6/23, 3/13/23, 3/20/23, 3/27/23, 4/3/23


High Meadow Rangers Archery | 1st-5th Grade | 3-5PM

Stickbow Rangers is an arts-based, youth archery program that offers a one-of-a-kind blend of archery, art-making and role playing to schools in the Hudson Valley. Here’s the scoop: Rangers create an alter ego, build robot monsters, learn traditional archery, and then engage in epic battles with their wayward creations! In time, Rangers will have the opportunity to shoot different styles of bows, build swords for close range robot battles, and earn the coveted rank of Master Ranger! The experience evolves with every session, and becomes tailored to the Rangers’ interests and creative whims!


Teacher: Lewis Berns from Stickbow Rangers

Session Fee: $550 (12 classes)

Dates: 1/10/23, 1/17/23, 1/24/23, 1/31/23, 2/7/23, 2/14/23, 2/28/23, 3/7/23, 3/14/23, 3/21/23, 3/28/23, 4/4/23


Wayfinder Wednesday Half Days | 1st-8th Grade | 12-5PM

Wayfinder will be running a sampling of our programming at Wednesday Half Days (January 25, 2023 and February 15, 2023). This will feature our sword and improv programming, but also a small LARP allowing for participants to meet fantastical characters, play out adventure scenarios, and engage in imaginative, problem-solving play. We look forward to bringing a little bit of magic to the middle of the week with all of you!

Teacher: Wayfinder

Session Fee: $75/each class

Dates: 1/25/23 and 2/15/23


Dance | K-1st Grade | 3-4PM

Dancers will improvise to a wide range of multicultural music, learn new skills and create fun dances. They will experiment with stories, images, props, and show their dances periodically. If there is interest among the group and if the weather cooperates, we may also experiment with place-based dances ...outside in the snow? on a porch? or under the arbor?

Teacher: Ann Sullivan

Session Fee: $240 (9 classes)

Dates: 1/12/23, 1/19/23, 1/26/23, 2/2/23, 2/9/23, 2/16/23, 3/2/23, 3/16/23, 3/23/23


La Finca Futbol | K-3rd Grade | 3-4PM

La Finca’s approach to futbol development starts with a focus on individual ball mastery and community building around the sport of futbol. In addition to physical developments in strength, agility and balance, the ball mastery training activities improve the child’s focus and concentration that supports academic success as well. These clinics are designed for beginner to intermediate players. There will be a minimum of two experienced coaches per session and a maximum of 20 players. Necessary sports equipment is provided. Children must have appropriate soccer footwear for indoor use. Shoes already in use for PE are just fine. 


For families who need coverage, Aftercare is available as an add-on from 4-5PM for $15/day.

Teacher: Jed Tucker

Session Fee: $240 (9 classes)

Dates: 1/13/23, 1/20/23, 1/27/23, 2/3/23, 2/10/23, 2/17/23, 3/3/23, 3/17/23, 3/24/23

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MONDAY: Painting & Drawing


FRIDAY: La Finca Futbol

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