In January, I smiled at the idea that this was the year 2020, a year of 2020 vision and clarity.
Then in early March, we zoomed in….

We zoomed into one another’s homes.

We saw one another’s dogs, cats, gardens, and couches.

We saw our own images staring back at us from the screen and maybe for the first time, saw our own body language and facial expressions, and how our words impact others.

We quarantined and made our lives smaller and less distracted. Our shrunken lives helped us notice more; we got closer to our families and our vision became clear…..our focus sharper.

We began to appreciate the people and the simple pleasures we may have taken for granted.

We were given the opportunity to find out how resilient we all are.

I have never loved this community more than I do now, and despite the challenges of these past 4 months, our resilience serves as evidence that we can take on this uncertain future and even flourish within it, the same way we always have – Together.

With gratitude,
Dr. Susan Paynter, Head of School