This year has been an uncertain and challenging time for the country and our school, and despite that, we hope you have had some moments of respite and peace.

Dr. Susan Paynter and the administrative staff have had to rapidly envision a new educational strategy, and we have all had to adapt to the new reality of distance learning. Our teachers had to reimagine their lessons, while families had to find balance in the responsibilities of work and their children’s home learning. In addition, we were all confronted with worries regarding the social/emotional impact this would have on our children, as they faced the many losses the pandemic created. This has challenged our sense of security, and at times has left us with more questions than answers. What has persisted is our sense of community and the importance of remaining connected during such uncertain times.

We appreciate the sacrifice and commitment of those who made this academic year a success and wish to thank everyone who continues to share in the work of keeping High Meadow School moving forward. 

We want to thank Head of School, Dr. Susan Paynter, and the High Meadow School faculty and staff, who did an incredible job of supporting our students through such a challenging year.

While we wish we could guarantee what comes next, we simply cannot. Please know that every decision made has the best intention to provide safe education at a reduced risk. This would not be possible without the commitment of our families, and for that, we want to thank you. Without your dedication and financial assurance, it is impossible to conceive how High Meadow School would continue.

We are encouraged by the consistent interest in enrollment and the new families who want their children to be a part of a wondrous educational experience. We are excited to welcome you and we look forward to introducing you to this exceptional community.

While some community members have had to step aside for a bit, we hope we can continue to maintain these relationships. As a community, we are interdependent, and our continued success is determined by how we care for ourselves and one another.

We do not know everything to come due to changing information around the pandemic and public safety. However, we know that educating children in a diverse, creative community prepares them for success in high school, college, and beyond. High Meadow School students are resilient and independent thinkers. Both are beneficial qualities to navigate in the world.

In all matters, we must remind ourselves that the nucleus of our mission is to educate and empower our children to be good stewards of the world.

Best Wishes,

The High Meadow School Board of Trustees