Mesopotamia, Athens and More

First, We want to thank Stephan for putting together the school field trip to Kaatsbaan last week. It was so lovely to watch that ballet together. Stephan informed us on the history of the grounds and the beautiful buildings found there. The children danced and laughed and played so happily!

5th Grade:
In other academic news, the students performed beautifully on the Early Humans quiz. We have begun “The Search for Delicious” which is a beautiful book by Natalie Babbit. We have also begun our second unit of study based in ancient Mesopotamia. The children have eagerly begun to research and record the discoveries they are making about the first civilizations. Please ask them what they have learned so far. I love learning with these children!

6th Grade:
The students are currently working through an essay on Ernest Shackleton. They have completed an outline with an introductory paragraph that states the thesis that Ernest Shackleton was a great leader and a hero. Their plan has been also been written and their essays have a determined structure. As we learn to format these appropriately, and also learning important word processing skills. They are currently presenting as the rival city states, Athens and Sparta.This has been an ambitious large group collaboration that has yielded a plethora of information. I am sure they will happily share with you some of the extraordinary discoveries they have made about the Spartans and the Athenians.