Friday Mailer 3/16

Hello, families!

It’s been a productive week in the 3rd grade. We’re busy plugging away at our final projects wrapping up our second units of study. The 3rd graders have been loving learning about different cultures coming together, water, watersheds, and the water cycle.

Here are some questions to ask your children if you’d like to learn more:

What are you working on for your final science project? Can you explain to me how you went about building yours?

Why are farmlands, homes, and other human-made things important to think about when talking about watersheds? What are some problems watersheds might have to solve?

Which side did you decide to take in your Ashokan Reservoir letter? What were some of the reasons you included in your letter to support your side of the argument? What do you think about the building of the Ashokan Reservoir?

**If you live near or drive by the reservoir regularly, point out the brown signs to your children that read: “Former Site of…” These are the towns they had to relocate and flood to build the reservoir. The children really connected with this piece of history! If you drive along route 28A in West Hurley, you can also drive right by the dam. The students saw photographs from 1907-1915 of the reservoir being built. You can get out and walk by the dam and across part of the reservoir. This could be a fun outing if you’re looking for something to do this weekend or over spring break.**

What was one fact you learned during our social studies rotating research lesson this week? What is the difference between a leader and an ally of a movement? Can you name one leader and one ally from the Civil Rights Movement?

How did you like Mummenschanz? Was it what you expected? Which part did you like the best? The least?

And, some updates/reminders:

Thursday April 5th, 10:00A – 11:00A will be our Parent Breakfast. This slot works better for the overwhelming majority (2 to 10). Thanks for voting! We’ll be having at least one more gathering before the end of the year, so no fear if you can’t make this one.

Tomorrow, Saturday March 17th, is the Variety Show at HMS! Please consider attending and supporting students, their families, and teachers performing if you’re not already busy.

That’s all, for now! Thanks and have a lovely weekend.