We’ve been telling you about our “new” nursery program for a few months now. In truth, though, our Nursery School classroom, which opened last week, represents the a reinvigoration of a program original to High Meadow, and at the heart of the school’s founding.

One of HMS’s overall goals, says Jen Bousilman, Director of Admissions, “is to create a learning community that invites and involves the whole family.” Providing space for two- and three-year-olds has allowed current families with young children to share our campus with their toddlers, and will offer more families the opportunity to join our school together, from the start.

In fact, the Lead Instructor in our nursery classroom, Krisha Stoever, joined us in September as the mother of Ida, a new 5th grader. We knew that Krisha had been Ida’s teacher through her elementary school years (she taught her two older children until they enrolled in college), and as plans for the program took shape and we learned more about her skills, teaching philosophy, and background, and saw that we had a fit. (Read more below about Krisha’s work in education and the arts.)

Our nursery program emphasizes exploration and free play, relationship building, and care for ourselves, others, our materials, and our environment.During indoor play time, children have access to the entire classroom, with areas devoted to art, math, writing, literacy, building, sensory exploration, and dramatic play.

In keeping with other programs at High Meadow, nursery students also spend significant time outdoors each day, on the dedicated, early childhood playground.

For this year, we’re offering nursery classes two days a week, on Thursdays and Fridays, in a newly renovated space below 3rd and 4th grades in the Nest. Come say hello! We look forward to expanding this revitalized program to five days in the fall.

Learn more about our Nursery School here, and please share this message with families of young children who may be interested in joining the HMS community!

About Krisha Stoever, Lead Instructor

Krisha Stoever is a creative and caring individual with more than 20 years of childcare experience. In addition to homeschooling her three children, she has explored teaching positions in Special Education (K-12), after-school programs, and summer camps. In Germany, she taught ESL to 3-12 year olds, using music and play-based curriculums. Locally, she has assisted with art and theater classes, homeschool classes, Montessori classes, and other community outreach programs. For years, she’s worked with “90 Miles Off Broadway” Children’s Theater Productions, providing costumes and makeup and support with childcare.

Krisha, who lives in New Paltz, has been in the Hudson Valley over 10 years. Her youngest daughter, Ida, just transitioned from homeschool to the 5th Grade at High Meadow, and Krisha feels very much at home with the HMS community. In her free time, Krisha enjoys hikes at Minnewaska, arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, and performing as lead vocalist with her band, Wind and Stone.