As their families have already heard, it’s time again for Upper Schoolers to choose their Elective classes for the spring.

We’ve already shared with you some of the choices students can make to shape their arts education at HMS, but did you know we also offer Academic Electives? These focused, weekly classes allow us to extend our core curriculum in unique, timely, and just plain intriguing directions.

This semester, for example, in an introduction to Neurocognition and Psychology, students will consider questions like, Why do some images give us joy and some words make us cringe? Is paying attention something you can practice? 

We have offerings dedicated to computer coding, sign language and the culture of visual communication, and the biology of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Plus, we’re starting a newspaper, the High Meadow Maverick, because as the course description points out, “it is the recorders and examiners of our community that protect us from Fake News and an uninformed (or worse – misinformed) society.”

For the first time this semester, we’re offering electives to 3rd and 4th graders through the new, Nest Electives program. This will give our younger students an exciting glimpse into their Upper School years, as well as some practice taking new responsibility for their learning. 

Of course, electives also give our teachers the chance to work with students in an area of passion and expertise, a pathway for them to model their own dedication to lifelong, self-directed learning.