Today marked the opening of the 5th Grade Museum, which represents the culmination of an in-depth study of the lives and times of early humans.

Throughout the unit, students used research to imagine the challenges the first people faced, considering their relationship with their environment, how they met the needs of individuals and communities, their methods of cooperation, and how they made progress through innovation.

The class found that tool-making was a vital leap, and that the discovery of fire contributed to improved health, security, and communication. They found that our early ancestors’ art still reveals their humanity, and learned that art-making may well have contributed to their survival.

Working collaboratively, the group produced written materials and physical artifacts to narrate their understanding of the evolution of our species in response to their world. Students presented their work in the Performing Arts Center before this afternoon’s grand opening.

Congratulations to all who took part, and thank you to those who came to support our 5th graders!

“By studying the past, we recognize the constant need to look to history for clues as we adapt to needs and wants in our present and future.” –Ally Uzzle, 5th Grade Teacher