As you’ve heard throughout the fall semester, our teachers and administrators work across our programs to provide students with opportunities to direct their own learning, and to draw on their own ideas and experiences in their work in all subject areas.

In the coming months, we’ll explore this collective effort to empower our students both within our community and beyond, which we’re calling (drum roll, please), Voice + Choice.

For example, this year, we’ve expanded our Electives program in the Upper School in both the arts and academic offerings, so students can dive deep into areas of interest, as well as discover new passions in a supportive environment.

Last summer, teachers were trained in Writer’s Workshop, a student-centered approach to teaching writing that encourages students to see themselves as serious writers, and to value their own thought processes.

In all disciplines, collaborative work teaches students to own their learning and seek challenges appropriate for them.

We hope you’ll look forward to more in-depth stories of how Voice + Choice lives in our curriculum and culture, and would especially love to hear from YOU about examples from your child(ren)’s experiences at High Meadow.