Four years ago, Doris Gonzalez-Easton, a founding mother of High Meadow and a school administrator, asked parent Linda-Brook Guenther (Emily, 7th and Carl, 2nd) if she would make a small fire for a High Meadow festival.

“There’s something about a fire,” Linda-Brook says, “elemental, warming, connecting. It goes deep into our beings. People speak and listen differently when they’re around a fire!

“It was such a hit,”she says, “[that Doris] looked at me and said ‘do you think we could do this every week?’”

And so, Fireside Fridays was born, a tradition that epitomizes our approach to community: collaborative, celebratory, with appreciation for one and all.

Since, the tradition has expanded to include roasted potatoes, and sometimes, bread with High Meadow garlic. Last year, inspired by Literary Week and the children’s book of the same name, we added Stone Soup. Students help prepare the fire in the mornings, chop veggies and herbs for the soup during recess, and by lunchtime: food for everyone!

Starting next Friday, October 12, we hope you’ll join us for as many 2018/19 Fireside Fridays as you’re able! Bring an instrument or project, warm your toes and fill your belly, and enjoy the warmth of our community. The fire goes all day!