At last night’s Parent Gathering, we discussed the significance of service to our school and the many opportunities for adults to serve the HMS community. In this way, we model for our children the value of community engagement.

You may or may not know that our Upper School students also have a requirement for community service, whether on or off campus. 5th graders are asked to contribute 10 hours; 6th graders, 15 hours; and 7th and 8th graders, 25 hours.

This month, some Upper Schoolers participated in a new service activity designed by our Community Service Coordinator, Carrie Wykoff. The “Democracy Squad” is dedicated to encouraging participation in local, state, and national democratic processes. 

The Squad focused first on spreading the word about TODAY’S DEADLINE to register to vote in New York state. They prepared strategies to reach relatives, friends, and other folks over 18 with information about why and how to register, and distributed voter registration forms.

Their next efforts will be to use their voices to get out the vote, including postcard making and other outreach to bring voters to the polls on November 6th.

Democracy Squad is just one example of the opportunities for service available to our Upper Schoolers. Students can bring their own ideas, too!

Please encourage your Upper Schooler to talk to Carrie soon about their plans for service to ensure they find activities that are meaningful to them. She will also show them how to track their hours online so their teachers can sign off on their progress.