The 2018/19 school year at High Meadow is off to a fun-filled (if somewhat sweaty) start!

This year brings exciting changes across our curriculum.

  • We’ve dedicated three afternoons a week to our upper school elective program, designed to promote independent thinking and expose students to a richness of pursuits beyond the traditional academic disciplines.
  • We’ve added new instruments to our music instruction, including violin for 1st and 2nd grades, as well as wind instruments in the upper school.
  • In physical education, we’ve added an archery program and fall soccer team.
  • We’ve restructured our drama program to provide another venue for collaboration across grade levels, and launched a newly designed social studies curriculum, developed with the leadership of Rachel Van Carpels.
  • Throughout the year, teachers will continue the training in Writers Workshop that they began at this summer’s session.

You’ll hear more about these changes at Community Night on September 20th.

For our first Friday Feature of 2018/19, enjoy these student reflections on the first days of school. For more photos, please check out our album on Facebook, and if you haven’t, follow our page for day-to-day snapshots of life at High Meadow.

Gustave, PreK, new student
We were making a volcano and Oliver said no because we didn’t need the hole, but we said we do need a hole … for the fire to come out!

Luke, PreK, new student
[I liked] building a spaceship from Star Wars.

Vivien, Kindergarten, new student
It was fun! It was a little different than I imagined. I imagined I was gonna be scared, but I’m not. It was just really fun, like games and toys and stuff. [I liked] the little circle balls – you stick things into them!

Clover, 1st grade, new student
When I got there I was kind of confused. I was like, “who are these kids? I don’t know these kids.” We played with play dough we drawed and we did math. [On the playground,] I liked the little boat and the swings. I met four girls and tons of boys, like him, Felix! I was kinda scared at first. The next day, I was like, “Yay! Now I know people better!”

Isla, 2nd 

Grade, returning student
It was great! Amanda was just a really great teacher and she had all my interests, too! We got to paint houses in the hallway, and played games on the playground. It was great to meet a lot of new people who were very nice.

Jack, 3rd Grade, returning student
Well, we got to meet the new kids and learn the classroom rules and all of that – just kinda getting back into school after I think 12 weeks of being out. Mostly, I want to study animals and science and that kind of stuff. It was fun meeting new people, but then I couldn’t remember most of their names!

Dahlia, 4th Grade, returning student
[I’m excited about] new books I’ve never read before.

Waverly, 4th Grade, returning student
The first day of school was really fun because you got to see all your friends again. And in after care you can build forts and stuff and I haven’t done that in a really long time! It was really fun. [It was surprising that] most people didn’t notice my hair!

Ida, 5th Grade, new student[Coming from home school,] I just like going to school. It’s a lot more “this is gonna happen now,” not like, “you can get up at any time you want.” I never really had this experience, so it’s very exciting for me because I never knew what it was like. I feel

 like this is a good school to start with. It’s a little homey, but not too homey.

Hudson, 5th Grade, returning student
[Being in upper school] is exciting. It’s new! I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just feel a lot older now that I’m in an upper school hallway. I like hallways! In [the main] building, I was so excited to get into the 1st grade, cause everyone was looking up to the 1st graders, then in [the Nest], the 4th graders, then in this building, the 8th graders. I’m finally in a building with the oldest kids at High Meadow.

Eric, 6th Grade, returning student
It felt like it was 20 minutes long and it was really fun. We played games in the PAC. That was getting to know each other, because Ally doesn’t know everything about us yet. And I found out my favorite lunch food, a turkey sandwich with my dad’s homemade bread.

Siddhartha, 7th Grade, returning student
The things that are different [in 7th grade] are more studying, nice cool A/Cs, and stuff to do, like ping pong.

Maitreya, 7th Grade, returning student
My first day was pretty incredible. I can’t believe that we have a wonderful common room instead of a couch that’s next to the bathrooms! I loved [our debate in Humanities class]. I love debating in general, especially when it comes to things like, “Can one person change history?” I said yes. Some people said a strong no. First of all, on a small scale, history doesn’t have to be these huge changes like wars and elections; you changed history by choosing to wear that shirt. Think of it, Trump has changed the course of history, the Parkland kids have changed the course of history, and our founding fathers changed history. One person can change the course of history whether in a small way or a large way.

Dalya, 8th grade, returning student
On the first day of school, I woke up really early because I was nervous and excited at the same time. I wasn’t really sure what to think. My vacation is over! My freedom is over! But then I got [to school] and I was like, “Oh, I’m with my friends!” In 8th grade, we have more exciting

field trips and more exciting responsibilities. We get to sleep at a hotel that has a pool! And we have – what’s that word? We have status in the school.

Iris, 8th Grade, returning student
Now that we’re in 8th grade, people respect us more.