maple syrup samples

It’s maple syrup season at High Meadow School! Every year at this time students assist in tapping the maple trees here on campus, while teachers take advantage of this amazing hands-on experience, incorporating it into their science and math curricula.
Parent LindaBrooke Guenther is our Maple Syrup mentor, and guides students from start to finish throughout the syruping operation. Holes are drilled into the Maple trees, taps or “spiles” are inserted into the holes, and then buckets are placed beneath the taps to collect the sap.
Conditions have to be just right in order for the sap to “run;” usually when the day time temperature rises above freezing and nighttime temperatures falls below freezing. As the temperature rises, pressure is generated in the tree, causing the sap to flow. Once our buckets are full it’s time to boil the sap down into our very own High Meadow maple syrup!

We will all get to sample the final product during our Maple Games Day and pancake breakfast on May 24th!  sugar shack