The curriculum at High Meadow reflects many voices, as we build classroom discourse that acknowledges, encourages, and embraces divergent points of view. We provide the opportunities to build the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for our students to face the responsibilities of leading a just and diverse world. Through the modeling and the respect of the adults around them, students learn how to effectively self-advocate, take responsibility for their choices, and love learning. Our curriculum and learning community centers on five concepts:

Children learn best when they feel included and emotionally safe. We build a community of belonging each day through class meetings, advisories, and our social-emotional literacy curriculum. We integrate kindness, inclusivity, and social responsibility into everything we do.
Personal and Social Responsibility
Every student has a purpose and value to offer the community. We support our students in discovering what they have to give and offer many opportunities to do so. Learning the impact of one person’s contributions builds empathy and a sense of one’s place in the world.
Our students are driven by curiosity, allowed to wonder and to follow a line of inquiry that is personally meaningful, authentic, and exciting. Curiosity and choice are woven into a curriculum that encourages students to think creatively and learn deeply with a sense of purpose and joy.
We work with our students to identify their strengths, talents, and passions. Through choice-making, learning and refining skills, and a curriculum centered on continuous and appropriate challenges, our students develop resilience and a sense of their own competence.
Every student has the capacity for independent thought and action, which we promote with a curriculum that encourages original thought and innovation, and honors the individual. Speaking up for oneself, or for another, taking a divergent path, or possessing a unique interest or attribute is always supported.


Preschool Program

High Meadow School offers a warm and stimulating environment that seeks to balance the growth of the individual child, with his/her dawning awareness of membership in a group. Read more...


Social Studies

At High Meadow School, social studies  enable much of the reading and writing that our students do, as well as the foundation for participating in democracy. Read more...


Inspired by the well-researched Next Generation Science Standards, the Science Committee developed a curriculum that integrates the four domains of science, including Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering. Read more...


Language Arts

In the early years, our students are exposed to a rich assortment of poetry, stories, and non-fiction through group and individual reading times. Read more...


Math and Technology

Mathematics literally holds a prominent place in our curriculum: it’s the first academic subject of our students’ day, beginning in first grade. Read more...


The Arts

Study of the arts helps our students gain self-discipline, technique, modes for self-expression, presentation skills and a broader understanding of historical periods, literature and technology. Read more...



The Spanish program at High Meadow is reflective of the school’s independent, creative and intellectual focus. We encourage, through relevant curriculum and artistic and creative endeavors, community wide appreciation of Spanish language and the people who speak it. Read more...


Physical Education

The Mission of Physical Education at High Meadow School is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. Read more...