Choosing the school that best suits your child's unique characteristics and interests can be one of the biggest challenges parents face. Our admissions process helps you and your child understand our culture, academic programs and community. We also get to know your child and determine if we believe he/she will thrive here.

Step One

First Contact

Any time of year, you can contact us to schedule a time
to discuss your child's educational future.

Step Two

Parent Interview and Tour

Prospective parents meet with an Administrator to learn about High Meadow, ask questions and exchange information about the child, and tour the campus.

Step Three

Child Visit

This takes age-appropriate forms depending on the child's age. Early childhood visits are half day, elementary and upper school are one or two full days.

Step Four

Admissions Decision

Teachers discuss their observations of the prospective student and the results of the work samples at an admissions meeting and an admittance decision is then made. Parents are informed of that decision by letter.

Important Dates

High Meadow School admits students year-round into Preschool - 6th Grade. We have limited enrollment in 7th and 8th grades, but do admit students into these grades if circumstances allow.

2017-2018 Fees, Tuition and Payment Plans


Full Day Program (Preschool  – 8th grade)  $13,650.00

Flexible Preschool Program: $2800 per full day, $1560 per half day. 


Facilities Fee (Supports current and future improvements to the physical plant) $350.00

Snack Fee (Early Education – 4th Grade) $150.00

Program Enrichment Fee (5th – 8th Grade)  $150.00

Optional Annual Pizza Lunch  (Wednesdays)  $150.00

Tuition is subject to change for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Sibling Discount: $1,000.00

Full Payment Discount (by July 1st)  $250.00

Payment Plans

Full payment directly to the Finance Office by June 1st, 2017; a $250 discount will be applied.

10 month payment schedule option is only available through FACTS. Payments are automatically deducted from your chosen bank account on the 5th or 20th of each month (July – April).

Quarterly payments option through FACTS. Payments are automatically deducted from your chosen bank account on the 5th or 20th of each month July, October, January, and April.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid process begins in February for the following academic year.  HMS reserves 10% of the operating budget to assist families in need.  Eligibility is determined by submitting an online application FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment and relevant tax information to the Finance Office.  Aid is awarded by the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees in April based on an established rubric.  No more than 50% of tuition is granted in cash assistance.  However, additional aid can be awarded to individuals willing to provide an in-kind service such as cleaning or grounds work.  For families joining the community after the deadline, awards may be granted throughout the year depending on availability of funds. 

We honor the confidentiality of every family in this process.  We ask that families receiving a financial aid package keep their award confidential.

 Admissions Application

Welcoming New Students

We understand how intimidating it can be to join a new school community and have created rituals and guideposts that help new students and families acclimate to High Meadow. 

New Families Brunch

This informational pot luck brunch sponsored by the PTO is also a meet and greet for new families and the faculty.


New families are introduced to the entire school community in the first school newsletter of the academic year.

Letter from Teacher

New families are introduced and welcomed to the class in August.

Community Night

New and returning families gather together to receive school news and information, meet the staff and receive curricula for their children’s class for the academic year.

Class Parent Outreach

The Chair of High Meadow’s PTO circulates new family information to the Class Parents who contact new families to help them settle in. Class parents are resources for information about events and activities.

The Apple Gathering

During an early whole school gatherings, new staff and students are introduced to the community by mentioning their name and offering them an apple for nourishment and well-being. The school sings a song of friendship dedicated to the new students and staff.

Calls Home

Teachers call home after the first week of school to check in with parents regarding their child’s transition.

Face Rites

Classroom teachers formally introduce new students in circle or during morning meeting.

Ice Breaker Games

These are played in the first few weeks to ease social tensions and allow new students to be welcomed in ways designed to put them at ease.

Teacher Check-ins and Introductions

Classroom teachers check-in on new students in all classes and the playground. They also introduce new students to all enrichment teachers.

Class Ambassadors

Teachers may select ambassadors from their classes who help new students as they go through their day.